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Anime Nexus Rules


-Irvington High School school policies and rules apply and may override any I.A.N. rules.
-Do not vandalize or steal any school property and I.A.N. property. (Zero tolerance)
-No alcohol, drugs, or controlled substance may be brought to the event (Zero tolerance).
-Absolutely no smoking anywhere near our event grounds, if spotted we will remove you from grounds and/ or contact the authorities. No exceptions.
-No fighting, brawling, punching, scratching, kicking, or any other form of physical conduct. Fights will be broken up with force if necessary and involved parties will be removed from the event. Law enforcement will be involved as necessary.
-Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in any form. If reported you will be removed from the event without refund.
-There will be no food or drinks allowed in the games section and the gym with the exception of water.

Cosplay Section:
-Any costumes that may be confused with law enforcement uniforms or other emergency response personnel uniforms are not permitted at I.A.N. Any props with official government agency names or initials on them are prohibited (ie. Police, FBI, CIA, etc.)
-All cosplays must be appropriate to wear in public. I.A.N. staff has the right to ask you to change out of the cosplay if staff members deem it inappropriate.
-Only I.A.N. staff members are allowed to wear yellow armbands. If anyone who is not part of I.A.N. staff is seen wearing a yellow armband will be asked to have it removed and put away.

Badge Policy:
-Badges are nontransferable.
-Badges are nonrefundable.
-I.A.N. staff reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone under reasonable circumstances.
-A badge is required to attend InterHigh Anime Nexus.
-If badge is not in view at any time, I.A.N. staff and volunteers reserve the right to request him or her to present his or hers badge as proof of payment.
InterHigh Anime Nexus reserves the right to modify rules and consequences as necessary at their discretion.

Breaking the rules will result in a warning (with exceptions such as art theft and vandalism). Breaking the rules a second time will result in expulsion from the convention and from the convention grounds with no refunds.

Table Section:
Artists who do not pay the table cost on time will forfeit the table.
You may have an assistant or a friend look after your table (and continue sales) for a short period of time (ie. artist wants to have a lunch break, check out the rest of the convention, etc).
Only keep two chairs at and allow two people behind each table. Visitors are not allowed behind the artist tables for security reasons. Artist Only Areas do allow staff members.
Proxy selling is not allowed.
If you bring in MP3s or MP4s please keep the volume low enough for only your table area to be heard.
If complaints arise, we will ask you to lower the volume.
Please keep all your possessions and merchandise in your table area. If complaints arise, we will ask you to move your possessions and merchandise within your table boundary.
Table boundaries is the area under the table and behind the table.
It is highly recommended that you do not leave your table unattended. Staff members will not always be able to watch over your table and your merchandise's ensurance.
Do not tamper with the table. You are not allowed to staple, tack, or tape on school property. Clamps and PVC pipes are allowed.
Do not move the tables unless approved of by a staff member.

Art Section:
Please respect all artists.
Anyone caught selling art that does not rightfully belong to them will result in immediate expulsion.
You may only sell items of your creation (ie. handmade bows).
Materials that is considered Rated +18 is prohibited. Please keep in mind that most attendees are below the age of 18. If staff members deem merchandise as inappropriate, you will be asked to put it away out of sight as a warning. A second offense will result in immediate expulsion.

General Section:
Vandalizing or stealing school property or other people's property is prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion.
Only staff members are allowed to expulse artists under reasonable circumstances.
No refunds.
If the artist is not selling at the convention after signing up, please notify the convention committee as soon as possible so that we may give the table to another artist on the waitlist.
If possession(s) or merchandise is/are damaged, stolen, or lost, InterHigh Anime Nexus is not held responsible.
If you are reported of harassment (verbal and/or physical), you will be asked to leave the Gym.

We will not tolerate any functional weapons on convention grounds, except those specifically permitted by California law (e.g. on-duty badged law officers). We do not allow any type of concealed weapons.  All costume weapons are permitted ONLY if inspected and approved by our staff. All inspected and approved weapons must be visibly "peace-bonded". 

Only obvious costume, prop, toy, and replicas of weapons approved by staff. Wooden, and practice swords are subject to approval if bound securely in to its scabbard or belt. No METAL weapons are allowed.   However, Anime Nexus . staff may deem at any time an item to be a weapon, and thus subject to the weapons policy.

Attendees are responsible at all times for use of their costume weapons, even ones peace-bonded. Absolutely no horseplay or mock fighting will be permitted. Costume weapons may not be brandished or used threateningly, even if only acting. Anime Nexus staff may at any time deem an item to be a weapon and thus subject to the weapon policy.  Safety is our goal.

  • First offense will be a warning to put away your item
  • Second offense we will confiscate the item to be picked up after event and/or also confiscation of your entry pass

Here at Anime Nexus we want to create a fun, exciting, enjoyable, but most importantly we want the event to be safe. If we see anyone violating our rules we will either give you a one time warning or remove you from event grounds with no refund. Thank You

Games Area

  1. We will not tolerate any violence, cheating, or foulplay in the games area. If you have differences with another attendee please contact a Anime Nexus staff ( we have Yellow armbands) for assistance. We are here to help.
  2. Please respect the equipment at the gaming booths. We will have you pay the full price to replace the equipment in addition to a fee for the inconvenience for us and other attendees.
  3. We will have an assortment of gaming consoles available for use by attendees. Please check in with staff at the station if you want to use them.
  4. Depending on demand we may also setup a few tables for table top card games and also hand held gamers.
  5. We will not tolerate cheaters. If our staff sees that cheating is happening we will give you a warning. If you do not comply we will restrict your access to the Games Section of the event.
  6. If you are bringing your own games to our event please let us know in advance so that we can approve it and prepare an area for you. We are not responsible for the safety of your equipment. We may keep watch of the general games area, but the equipment is your responsibility. Please do not leave it unattended. Contact us at [email protected] with “Bringing in console” in the subject line.
  7. We understand that during gaming there may be disappointment, but please limit profane language while at Anime Nexus.
  8. If you would like to bring in your computer to setup in the games area please let us know ahead of time as we will need to first approve and setup an area for you. You must bring a surge protector for your computer also we will not allow lcd monitors larger than 24”. Contact us at [email protected] with “Bringing in computer” in the subject line.
  9. No touching, vandalizing, or any other form of contact of Anime Nexus servers, network, and networking equipment.
  10. Please check with our staff if you would like to setup your own wifi hotspot. All unauthorized wifi hotspots will promptly shutdown. First offense will be an warning and request to shut it down. Second offense will be a confiscation of the device to be picked up after the event.
  11. There will be no food or drinks allowed in the games section and the gym, except for water. First offense is a warning. Second offense you will be removed from the gym.